Errands by RedCap gets anything you need done with a 60-minute heads up. This is the highest level of Concierge No-Contact Delivery available in the tri-county area, giving you the the option to use Your Car or Our Car for your Errands.

White glove concierge to get anything you need your own vehicle or ours.

Errands by RedCap allows you to hire a driver to handle:

  • Grocery Shopping - RedCap handles your Publix, Target, Walmart, CVS, Walgreens shopping list, and delivers anything you buy to where you want it.

  • Errands - Drop off dry cleaning, shipping at the post office, fill up the gas tank, or pick-up your favorite bottle of wine. Anything you need done, we'll handle it.

  • Luxury Dining Pick Up & Delivery - Capital Grill, NY Prime in Boca, Joe's Stone Crab in Miami... we'll get your favorite dish from your favorite restaurant, no matter where it is in the tri-county area. Simple as that.

Our Concierge team will work directly with you and your driver every step of the way, coordinating anything you need done. Errands by Redcap is best in class in this time of social distancing.

Our Drivers are certified, courteous and at your service.

Customer safety is a top priority. Every one of our drivers is fully insured and carefully screened for clean driving and criminal records, thoroughly drug tested, and finger printed. Our stringent driver certification standards and quality of our personal drivers is the cornerstone of our exemplary service.

How It Works

1. Book a RedCap Errands trip at least 60 minutes in advance of your desired trip time

2. Enter the start location of your trip where you would like to start your pick-up and drop off location.

3. Leave a detailed itinerary of stop locations, shopping lists, and errands in the Extra Details section upon booking.

4. Either leave the payment method of choice, any shopping lists, and keys inside your vehicle for your driver, or prepare to hand them to your Driver upon arrival. When possible, pre-pay for items like restaurant pick-up and meals and leave the order under RedCap at the location for seamless transactions.

5. Our Concierge team will coordinate with you directly over the phone concerning any logistics or questions throughout the duration of your ride.

An iOS or Android device is required for RedCap service.

Our customers use RedCap as a lifestyle service.

Whether using RedCap to run Errands, as a privite driver service, airport drop off and pickup,  shuttling the kids or aging parents - RedCappers find ways to use a Personal Driver throughout their lives.

"I can enjoy nights out without having to worry about getting home safely, and with my car."

Richard Evans
RedCapping since 11/10

"I get dropped off and picked up at the airport, and don't have to pay for expensive parking."

Linda Sims
RedCapping since 08/13

"Work now gets done in my car, RedCap drives while I work in my backseat."

Jeffrey Hartley
RedCapping since 04/14

FAQs & Important Information

Find answers to commonly asked questions and facts about the RedCap service, what you can expect and the ins and outs of taking a RedCap ride.

Is there a fee to join?
There is no fee to join. RedCap has a 30 day free trial which you can cancel anytime.

Who can use my account? 
We want RedCap to be useful for your entire household. You may add as many household users as needed, as long as they live at your residence.

Can I call in or text in a reservation? 
Yes, book by phone at (866) 937-4837 and a RedCap Concierge will walk through setting up your Errand step-by-step.

Can I cancel my reservation?
There is no fee if there is more than an hour's notice. If you cancel within 1 hour of your scheduled pick up time, there is a $50 fee to cover the cost of sending a driver.

What are your hours?
Our Concierge team is available at 786.352.8700 seven days a week from 9:30am - 10pm Monday through Saturday and 10am - 10pm on Sundays. Contact us 24/7 at

Are drivers certified?
Yes. Each RedCap driver passes certification courses, including simulation trips with our staff and mystery shopper rides. They are provided optional car cleaning services post-ride and offer no-contact delivery options.

Do we run background checks?
We know the person driving your car and understand the need to put safety first. Therefore, each driver is thoroughly vetted by checking for clean driving records, FBI background checks, drug tests that include prescription drugs that can inhibit driving and fingerprinting.

Do I tip drivers?
Tipping your driver is not required. However, our drivers do make their living with RedCap, so feel free to add a tip anytime.

Are drivers insured?
Yes. RedCap Personal Drivers are insured in two ways: 1) they are covered as an occasional and permissive user on your existing auto policy and, 2) RedCap maintains a policy to cover the driving of hired and non-owned automobiles. The policy has a coverage limit of $2,000,000 and $1,000,000 per occurrence.

Where do we operate?
We operate in  South Florida's Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties. Your address must fall within our service area. | Privacy
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Per Hour

  • Driver uses their car to pick-up and deliver anything you need.
  • Great for pre-paid pick-up orders at Walmart, take-out at restaurants, or custom one-way delivery errands
  • Option: No-Contact Delivery, by request driver can leave items in garage or on porch



Per Hour

  • Driver uses your car to pick-up or deliver anything you need
  • Driver comes to you to pick-up car, shopping list, and/or credit card
  • Great for longer multi-stop routes, custom delivery / transportation tasks, or higher volume purchases that can not be pre-paid
  • Optional: Drivers will ask if you'd like steering wheel, door handles, wiped with sterile cleansing wipes

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Your Errands, Our Driver.

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Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic we have decreased hourly rates, increased Concierge staffing, and launched No-Contact Delivery protocols.