Drive For RedCap

Become a RedCap Personal Driver and earn up to $2,000 per month, on your schedule.

Looking for a fun opportunity with unlimited flexibilty and great pay? RedCap makes it easy to build a recurring revenue business.

 What is RedCap?

RedCap is a service platform that connects clients who want to be driven, in their own car, by a licensed, bonded and insured customer service professional who has been thoroughly screened and is an excellent driver. Our platform gives you the opportunity to service your clients, manage your schedule, business and life.

What do I need to start driving for RedCap?

RedCap provides you with the tools you need to get started, promote yourself, grow your client base and maintain a profitable business. 


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What kind of driving will I do?

Rides range from evening activities to airport drop off and pick up, driving executives, shuttling kids and aging parents or facilitating the customer's auto service appointments. 

Night's Out


Kids & Seniors


"I can enjoy nights out without having to worry about getting home safely, and with my car."

Roger McGibbons
RedCapping since 11/10

"I get dropped off and picked up at the airport, and don't have to pay for expensive parking."

Linda Sims
RedCapping since 08/13

"Work now gets done in my car, RedCap drives while I work in my backseat."

Jeffrey Hartley
RedCapping since 04/14

FAQs & Important Information

Find answers to commonly asked questions and facts about the certification process and becoming a RedCap driver.

Do I need a special license to apply?
No.  All you need is a valid driver's license. If you have a commercial license with a passenger endorsement, you will be certified to drive limousines that our Members own.
What are requirements be become a driver?
  1. You have a clean background check (please do not proceed if you have been arrested or been charged with a DUI).
  2. You are willing and able to pass a 10 panel drug test.  
  3. You have a clean driving record with no more than 2 moving violation traffic tickets in the past 3 years.  Please do not proceed with the process if you have received a reckless driving ticket in the past 7 years.
  4. Personal Drivers are 25 years old or older with a valid driver's license. Chase Drivers are 18 years and older with a valid driver's license.
  5. Own a Smartphone (iOS or Android v. 3.0 or higher) with Bluetooth and have a working knowledge of GPS.
  6. Access to an insured vehicle; RedCappers drive the Members vehicle but need transportation to the pickup address.
  7. Eloquent, intuitive, tech savvy, efficient problem solvers and must possess an upbeat attitude regardless of life's stress.
  8. Willing to invest in a tax deductible screening fee (in addition, a simulation trip and uniform for personal drivers).
Once I file my application, what happens?
Your application* will be reviewed and then the system will invite you to our secure portal to conduct marketplace platform screening. Once approved, you will be chase certified, review an instructional app video and set up your payment preference to become active. Personal Driver marketplace platform access will include a simulation trip following screening clearance. *Applications will expire twelve days after you apply. If your application expires, the system will force you to reapply. 
How long does the process take?
To move swiftly through the process, please check your email consistently. You can complete the process quickly if you dedicate the time. Typically, Personal Driver marketplace access is available 10-14 days after filing an application & Chase Driver marketplace access is available 3-5 days after filing an application.
What is a Personal Driver and a Chase Driver?
Personal Driver: Provide driving services in the Member’s vehicle.  Personal drivers must be 25 years old. Personal drivers receive trip offers and reservation details via their smart phone application. The certification process is designed to ensure the marketplace is customer service & tech savvy.  Personal drivers are rigorously screened and thus have a higher, tax deductible on boarding investment. Personal Drivers drive the Member's vehicle one-way or round-trip. 
Chase Driver: Provides driving services in their own vehicle.  Chase drivers must be at least 18 years old.  Like personal drivers, chase drivers receive trip offers and reservation details through their smart phone application. Chase drivers support one-way trip logistics.  The highest volume of one-way trips is on nights and weekend.  
All RedCap Drivers are independent contractors.

What is an independent contractor?
Click here for an explanation from the IRS. Savvy independent contractors are very keen to maximizing their take home revenue.  Some tax deductions include screening fees, uniform costs, gas, mileage and wear-and-tear associated with transportation to a pickup location of a reservation. Independent contractors are issued a 1099 tax form and a W9 at the end of the year.

Are Drivers insured?
Yes. RedCap Personal Drivers are insured in two ways: 1) they are covered as an occasional and permissive user on your existing auto policy and, 2) RedCap maintains a policy to cover the driving of hired and non-owned automobiles. The policy has a coverage limit of $2,000,000 and $1,000,000 per occurrence.
Is RedCap insured?
Yes. RedCap carries three types of coverage to insure its business of driving members in their own vehicles: 1) General Liability coverage for any event that occurs during the provision of RedCap service, 2) Third Party Crime Policy (Bonding) that protects our members from actions by our drivers involving personal property or bodily injury and 3) Hired/Non-owned Auto Liability policy that specifically covers RedCap Personal Drivers when driving the vehicles of RedCap members.
How many trips will I get a week?
The marketplace allows you to BUILD YOUR BUSINESS.  Referring drivers, members and partner accounts makes this opportunity very satisfying. This is a great opportunity to supplement your income. RedCap's trip volume is highest at night and on the weekends. Therefore, your availability (time of day, day of week, geographic location etc) will determine your likelihood of being busy.  This is not immediately a full-time opportunity and you should not expect a full-time income from on demand business, rather preferred accounts and networking opportunities. 
What will I need to pay for?
Driving record, background check – all drivers. Drug test, uniform & simulation trip – personal drivers. Fee is calculated according to state government regulation (i.e. where your driver’s licensed is registered and which state(s) your background check will be conducted and in some cases multiple background checks may be processed). 
Do I need to visit RedCap offices?
Drivers do not need to inconvenience themselves by coming into the offices for any reason; in fact it is highly distracting to the team as they are actively communicating with Members and drivers providing services. During the certification process, you will have a face-to-face appointments with a RedCap liaison during your simulation trip. This is a virtual organization with a strong community that connects on a daily basis.  We have weekly focus groups meetings, an active social network and we occasionally bring drivers together for events. If you haven't been a part of a virtual community before, you are not alone.  If you are not interested in being a part of a virtual community, we hope we can change your mind.  If you seriously have no interest in joining a virtual community, this opportunity may not be for you. | Privacy
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Drive for the best.

"RedCap lets me earn additional income on my schedule, I get to pick and choose when I work."

Eduardo Bernales
Real Estate Broker
Driving since 10/10

"I can pick up extra income while my kids are at school. It's great money on my time."

Christina Obando
Mom of 3
Driving since 03/13

"Meeting new and interesting people is fun for me, and driving nice cars is a bonus."

Les Puchala
Retired Police Officer
Driving since 07/11

1. Get Certified
Verify you meet our minimum requirements and complete our short application to get started. You will then complete background checks and certification courses including a driving assessment.

2. Download The App
Our App is your connection to RedCap including trip offers and management, customer and driver referral tools, payments, your profile and your schedule. 


3. Spread The Word
Distribute your Driver Code anywhere you can starting with friends and family through email, text, FaceBook, name it.  

You will have your own Driver Code that anyone can use to sign up for your RedCap driving services. Distribute it and start driving.

How do I get rides?

It's up to you! You can take as many rides as you wish on your own or build a team of drivers and businesses to increase your income. 

How much money can I make with RedCap?


Your Private Driver Code

You will get a code that you can distribute anywhere you can such as email, text message, FaceBook, Twitter, Craig's List, Angie's List, InstaGram and Coupon Sites. Tell your friends and family, local businesses, schools, charities and more.



They will download the RedCap app, enter your Private Driver Code, and will start booking rides with you.



Meet a few of our drivers.

RedCap sends you overflow rides too!

Many times our drivers are busy and cannot service their customer. In these cases, we look for drivers in the local area to perform the driving services for the customer. You are paid your full driver rate and have the opportunity to meet new customers.

Drive For RedCapDrive For RedCap

Base Driver Rate

Per Hour, Plus Tips

You can make $17 per hour when driving your RedCap customer. The clock starts ticking from the scheduled pick up time until you drop the customer off.


Referred Customers

Anytime a customer joins RedCap with your Driver Code, you get 3% of rides you don't take.


Referred Drivers

Anytime a driver joins RedCap with your Driver Code, you get 3% from every one of their rides.


Referred Businesses

Refer a business account and get 3% of every ride to or from that location. Requires Advanced Certification.


Spread the word and make even more...

Community Leader

Earn up to $35 per hour helping local drivers build their business and maintain RedCap quality standards. Requires Advanced Certification.


"I have been with RedCap for 9 months, I averaged $4,100 in earnings over the past 3 months, almost $60 per trip, and have 44 Preferred Accounts and building."

Drive For RedCap

"In the 18 months I have been with RedCap, I have 76 Preferred Accounts and recently averaged $3,700 per month in my spare time."