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FAQs and Important RedCap Facts.

Have questions about joining, our drivers or how our service works? You've come to the right place.

Is there a fee to join?
Yes, there is a $20 monthly membership fee for access to our nextwork of certified drivers day or night, one way or round trip. 

Can I cancel my account?
Yes, you can cancel at any time.

Who can use my account? 
We want RedCap to be useful for your entire household. You may add as many household users as needed, as long as they live at your residence.

Can I call in or text in a reservation? 
We do not accept text messages or phone calls as your reservation typically involves more than a pick up and drop off location information, which is difficult to coordinate using text messages. Our app provides an easy reservation process and delivers us the information we need to service you.

Can I cancel my reservation?
Yes. There is no fee if there is more than an hour's notice. If you cancel within 1 hour of your scheduled pick up time, there is a $50 fee to cover the cost of sending a driver. If you wait to cancel or don't show up after your scheduled pick up time, there is a $75 fee. Our upgrade offers lower cancellation/no show fees.

What are your hours?
We are open Sunday-Wednesday from 5AM - 1AM and Thursday-Saturday from 5AM-2AM, but there are times when driver availability is limited. We strongly recommend booking your driver requests in advance to give you the best opportunity to secure a driver at your preferred time.

Is my resevation guaranteed?
We operate on a space available basis when you join for Free and only guaranty drivers to our Upgraded customers. Although it is very rare, there are times when we are at capacity, particularly on popular holidays and weekend nights. We recommend booking in advance to give you the best chance at securing a driver.

How are trips priced?
Your RedCap fare can be calculated two ways. 1. You will be charged by the hour for trips where the vehicle begins and ends in the same location (ROUNDTRIP).The time begins at your reservation time and ends when the vehicle is returned to the starting point. See pricing grid for details. 2. You will be charged by the minute, based on the Google Time Estimate, for trips that begin and end in different locations (ONE WAY). For any time greater than the Google Time Estimate such as delays or stops along the way, additional time is billed at the lower ROUNDTRIP hourly rate. See pricing grid for details. Pricing is typically less than a limo, town car or roundtrip taxi. The best way to estimate your fare is to start a reservation and view your quote.

Are there other trip fees?
If your driver makes purchases on your behalf, such as gas, tolls or food supplies, the charges will be added to your fare. If you keep a driver after hours on a ONE WAY trip, a $1 per minute surcharge will be added to your fare.

Who are our drivers?
RedCap drivers are highly vetted, certified, screened and courteous service providers. We recruit drivers from many different places, looking for those with the RedCap style and polish.

Are drivers certified?
Yes. Each RedCap driver passes certification courses, including simulation trips with our staff and mystery shopper rides.

Do we run background checks?
We know the person driving your car and understand the need to put safety first. Therefore, each driver is thoroughly vetted by checking for clean driving records, FBI background checks, drug tests that include prescription drugs that can inhibit driving and fingerprinting.


Can I request a specific driver?
Upgraded members can request specific drivers through our rating system by adding them to their preferred driver list. If you choose to have a driver on your preferred driver list we will do everything we can to make sure you get that driver as often as possible. If you rate a driver poorly, we will be sure not to send them again.

Can I call a driver directly?
RedCap's logistics ecosystem is very complex and driven by technology. We need your reservations, edits and cancellations placed through our app to deliver the service you are paying for. Within an hour before and after your trip, you have the ability to call your driver within your app.

Can I use a driver after hours?
Yes, but we charge an additional $1 per minute on ONE WAY rides that end after closing time.

Do I tip drivers?
Tipping your driver is not required. However, our drivers do make their living with RedCap, so feel free to add a tip anytime.

Will drivers buy things for me?
Yes. Our drivers routinely make purchases for your during the trip. Examples include gas, tolls, parking and food and beverages. Any purchases made will be added to your fare.

Are drivers insured?
Yes. RedCap Personal Drivers are insured in two ways: 1) they are covered as an occasional and permissive user on your existing auto policy and, 2) RedCap maintains a policy to cover the driving of hired and non-owned automobiles. The policy has a coverage limit of $2,000,000 and $1,000,000 per occurrence.

Is RedCap insured?
Yes. RedCap carries three types of coverage to insure its business of driving you in your vehicle: 1) General Liability coverage for any event that occurs during the provision of RedCap service, 2) Third Party Crime Policy (Bonding) that protects you from actions by our drivers involving personal property or bodily injury and 3) Hired/Non-owned Auto Liability policy that specifically covers RedCap Personal Drivers when driving your vehicle.

Where do we pick up?
We operate in The San Francisco Bay Area (specifically San Francisco County, San Mateo County, and parts of Santa Clara County, Alameda County and Contra Costa County) and South Florida's Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties. Your pick up address must fall within our service area.

Where do we drop off?
Anywhere in the US, as long as your pick up address falls within one of our service areas.

What is RedCap?
RedCap is a premium service that delivers high quality, certified and vetted drivers to you to drive your car. We do not have a fleet of vehicles and you do not drive in our car. We connect our Users with a large network of vetted drivers that can be accessed day or night for any driving need, as long as it involves driving your vehicle. It's like having a chauffeur without the expense.

What do we stand for at RedCap?
We believe you should enjoy your life as much as you can. Less driving equals more living,.. it’s that simple. The responsibility of driving can often make living hard, so we thought it would be great to provide a service that gave you a driver when you need one.

Can I drive for RedCap?
Absolutely. We are always looking for great drivers, full time or part time. If you are interested in learning more, let's get started.

Where is RedCap located?
RedCap has offices in San Francisco, California and Fort Lauderdale, Florida. | Privacy
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